About US

Breakwater Solutions Inc. is a certified partner of Bell Canada. Bell is a recognized leader in the telecommunication industry. It has the people, resources, technology and the IT infrastructure to support Breakwater's clients goals and objectives. Bell empowers us by their specialized skill, may that be in the area of Call Centre Professional Services, Business Office, MCS Support, PBX provisioning, technicians, engineers etc. It includes a wide portfolio that includes Nortel, Mitel and Cisco offerings in voice, data, hosting and network services.

Breakwater puts it all together for you by offering you a single point of contact for all your telecommunication requirements We discuss emerging technologies with our clients. Some of the technologies include phone systems (Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, Toshiba) offerings with associated applications that include voice mail, desktop messaging, computer telephony integration, custom call routing, automatic call distribution and integrated voice response systems, Voice over IP and Call Centre. Network and Data services are also reviewed to optimize your billing without degrading service levels.

Our Account Managers have 9 years on an average experience working with Bell and over 20 years in the IT industry. We have built some very customized solutions for small and mid-size organizations.We work with clients to determine their goals and objectives. We offer solutions and recommend vendors that can best meet those goals. Our valued partnership with Bell and vendors in business intelligence arena allows us to put the right people in front of you rather than who is first available.

Our value proposition is as follows:
• We do business with honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience
• Provide a single point of contact for all of Bell Canada's telecommunications solutions
• We review your telecom, data, networks and emerging technologies
• Provide quarterly reviews of your business and evolving technology
• Help organizations generate reports in Cognos
• Build ROI's in proposals
• Work with your existing IT staff and senior management

Our Methodology

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We view IT as a strategy rather than a technology. Our consultants are familiar with a variety of solutions rather than those of a particular company. In short, we help address the following questions for our clients:

Telecommunication Issues

• How can I control and reduce IT cost
• What are my options for maint. contracts, upg. and new systems
• What is the ROI for migrating to new technologies
• How can I improve my call Centre
• Is my network services maximized
• How can I build ROI's to justify expenditure
• What are the new and emerging technologies

Businesses Intelligence Issues

• How can I see a unified and integrated view of the organization
• What are the tools that are available to me
• How can I best determine how the business is doing? Why is he performance the way it is? What we can do about it? • How much time are we spending on building reports
• How can I best manage performance
• Are all department able to see KPI's at glance
• Are we able to drill down from summary data to a transactional level Time, money and resources are scarce for business.So, what are our deliverables?
• We audit all Telecommunication and IT Services
• We work with business intelligence and our decisions are based on price, performance and your business goals
• We offer insight for new phone system, network services & emerging technologies by partnering with Bell
• We hold quarterly meetings with our clients to discuss emerging technologies
• Offer consulting services for the deployment of reporting solutions
• Negotiate contracts and attain best pricing


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Breakwater was founded in 2007 and was a single man operation. Today we have a customer based of 1500 customers. Our revenues have grown each and every year. We have grown in leaps and bounds. Some of our accomplishments are as follows:
Our biggest reason for our success is the people that make up our company. Our partnership wit Bell Canada and the knowledgably teams where they provide the highest degree of customer service