Business Internet Dedicated Service

Secure, reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity is critical for your business growth. You need consistent speeds and guaranteed uptime to run a full range of voice, video, cloud and web-based services and applications – everything from e-commerce to email.
Running on Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Business Internet Dedicated service from Bell is engineered to deliver the speed, scalability, performance and reliability your business needs today and tomorrow. It’s an ideal solution for organizations looking to host a website, manage an email server or connect workstations.
I have attached a brochure with more details on our Business Internet Dedicated service, and will be in touch shortly to discuss how this solution can help you deliver value to your organization.

Business Internet service

If your business depends on consistently high upload speeds and unlimited data usage for large file transfers and back-ups, Bell can help.

Delivered over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Business Internet service from Bell is a cost-effective, high-speed Internet access solution that’s ideal for organizations with remote offices, teleworkers and point-of-sale terminals.

I’ve attached a brochure to share more about Business Internet service from Bell, and will be in touch in the next few weeks to discuss how it can help meet the needs of your business today.

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