Megalink Lines

Megalink is Bell’s Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) service. Megalink service provides digital access between the Integrated Services Digital network (ISDN) compatible equipment at Customer's premises and Bell's public switched telephone network (PSTN) and is based on ISDN primary rate interface (PRI) standard as developed by the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (ITTCC). Specifically, the Megalink Service is called a Megalink System Group (MSG) and provides a number of B-Channels in one or more DS1 accesses, under the control of a single D-channel or of multiple D-channels, served from the same central office switch and operating together as one large system terminating at the same address with a minimum of one working telephone number and billed to a single billing telephone number. Megalink Service is configured according to Bell Interface Document BID-0025, filed with and available from Industry Canada. Megalink is available in designated Bell serving areas and replaces analog circuits by routing calls that are multiplexed at 1.5 Mbps (DS-1 service) Note: DS-3 service access is a specialized digital service operating at 44.736 Mbps will appeal to clients interested in high-capacity access between their establishments and the serving wire centre. DS-3 service access includes three rate components. The principle of these components is the same as that of the current DS-1 access. Megalink DS-3 access must be demultiplexed (channelized) at both ends.

Local link lines

Local Link is a high value, feature rich, local access package. It has been designed specifically for small and medium business customers to save money on their business lines. Local Link includes a list of features at no extra cost that provide convenience and simplicity. There is no need to dial the number ‘9’ before making and outbound call.


Line Hunting Call Forwarding Features Name & Number Display Touch-tone Call Transfer 3-Way Conference Call Trace Hold Last Number Redial Speed Call Per Call blocking

Business Line (1FL)

If the calling features above are not important to you and do not impact your daily business needs than a regular business line is just right for you (ex. Fax & Modem Lines). The New Business Line Rate provides a basic local access service at a reduced rate.

Centrex Lines

Centrex is a Bell Canada and Bell Aliant offering served from a DMS-100 (Digital Multiplex System 100) or a remote switch hosted from a DMS located in a Bell Wire Centre (WC). The service is offered under General tariff in some exchanges and has been forborne since Jan 31, 2008 in others. To determine whether an exchange is forborne or not, use the forbearance tool in Infozone or visit bell.ca Benefits of Centrex include feature commonality throughout the customers' organization, the convenience of customized dialling plans over multiple locations, the worry free operations of the telephone network and the confidence of knowing that the Telco will be responsible for the technological development of the service. Discounts and added feature value are available to customers who commit to a 1, 3 or 5 year contract and/or larger Centrex volume. Note: The DMS is a high capacity (up to 100,000 lines), stored-program-controlled local switching system. The software required in each switch is Northern Telecom's Meridian Digital Centrex. The software is augmented by hardware in the form of line cards. One line card is required for each line provided to the customer. The feature components of each line are resident in the software of the serving DMS-100 giving the customer a flexible choice of service, maintenance, and administrative features. Centrex services offer enhanced voice, data, and networking capabilities in two system sizes: • Small Centrex : 1 – 100 lines • Large Centrex : 101 lines

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